Empowering you - Bluestar revealed

English translation of my book

"Fröhlich durch den Weltuntergang"

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Empowering you - Bluestar revealed 


Julianne Becker 








A guide to happily surf


the catastrophic waves on the ocean of life to a new Era.






many human beings who live now


were born into the end of the world


to create heaven on earth


maybe you too






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Foreword - english version


This book contains an urgent message to all humanity, please excuse the inelegant and awkward English style. As the author just comes out of the cover, there is no network, no help, or money so far to support a better translation from German into English. It's all home done, i.e. by google translater and the English comprehension of the author. For the sake of all humanity the book could not wait for further editing!






This is not a manual for disasters. I will not tell you anything about stockpiling or frighten you, nor convert you to the true faith or indulge in savage speculation about our future. Far too many scenarios have already been developed in film, television, in book form and on the internet. I do not want to convince you that there will be an end of the world at all. But at least I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the warning signals increase significantly. I am convinced that we are right in the middle of it all.
It will not be the first end of the world either. There have been more or less world-downs in human history, but you will not find them in any history book. The Hopi Indian people claim to have already survived three world declines, global catastrophes that completely changed the planet. And not only that, all the signs that the Hopi should tell that another such apocalypse is imminent have already arrived, except for one: The Bluestar Prophecy. In addition to the past world doomsday, we will focus on this last prophecy of the blue star, a star that appears just before the end of the


Incidentally, it does not matter if you believe in global warming or not. Whether you think it is a normal variation of the planetary climate or caused by humans. The earth has a fever! That's the way to see it. She needs to get back into balance, one way or the other. And these lice in the fur (our civilization) put her strong! Instead of developing into a networked brain, which also consciously re-establishes the harmonious balance of the entire planet, everything gets out of hand. Probably all living organisms have struggled in their evolution for this balance. Who knows how many species evolutionarily fell by the wayside because their brain cells could not tolerate their bodies in harmony. Extinction also creates a new balance. Or by a mutation to a better adapted to the situation organism. Only through this evolutionary pressure new species and new, natural equilibria and cycles developed, say our scientists. I am convinced that we will only survive if we succeed in an evolutionary leap from the Stone Age to the Modern Age. In addition one must know that the human genome changes very fast - in spite of all earlier statements in the textbooks. Either we leave this change to the profit-driven Monsanto mindset and in a few generations become patented infertile hybrids or we take our change into our own hands. Taking this change consciously in the hand, that's my approach, and we come here Book still to talk about it. I think a self-induced mutation from homo sapiens sapiens (modern man) to homo creativus pax not only possible, it is already in full swing. In this context, self-induced means that every person is free to decide whether or not to choose this mutation. It is an offer to every human being now to change his consciousness to the imaginary number space and higher. I'll tell you how to do that later. The Homo Creativus Pax, as I call him, is a man who keeps peace (Pax) under all circumstances and consciously uses his creative power in harmony with everything living to balance and set up energies this way to change probabilities that rebalance the world (Creativus). Anyone can do that on the sofa, including you. Everyone can learn that as well, just like the acupuncture. The Homo Creativus Pax unleashes all his creative potential and thereby keeps peace - and strives for a balance in synergy in all his actions. Even if you do not think that possible, that does not change the fact that it's already in droves all over the world! No, you will not hear about it in the mainstream media, I will enlighten you. For a long time, Neanderthals have heard nothing of Homo Sapiens Sapiens, a doubly insane humanoid form that began to infiltrate and invade their habitat. And yet, after all, they have been completely ousted from it. Global warming does not just cause the water on the coast to rise, and the available land gets less. It brings with it another nice surprise: in the permafrost soil of Siberia and in the polar ocean floor huge amounts of methane gas are stored, and this gas is released when thawing the soil into the atmosphere. Each of its molecules has the multiple effects of carbon dioxide and this will definitely lead to further accelerated, intensified global warming. Only large bubbles appear in the soil, recognizable as round hills, into which one could break in, and after emptying the gas, dents appear in the surface of the tundra. There is nothing left to change about that. If the ground thaws, the land passage for humans and animals also becomes dangerous. You can already observe this phenomenon, just enter the relevant keywords and search the Internet. The mountains of Scandinavia have risen sharply, as the ice sheet of the last ice age almost completely defrosted - at least in the summer. Because the weight of the ice no longer weighed on him. So Antarctica will lift as the ice melts at the South Pole. And you really believe that this has no effect on the slabs and if more volcanoes erupt and earthquakes happen, where they collide? Natural disasters continue to increase in the future, extreme weather phenomena will accompany the global warming. And as I just explained, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, mudslides, landslides and floods are also related. If the normal movements of the air and the Gulf Stream are additionally disturbed, entire areas remain without rain and others are flooded, drought disasters and Forest fires are the result, hurricanes occur more frequently and their intensity increases. In the meantime weather catastrophes of this kind are also arriving at our place in Germany. Sure the earth has experienced such extremes already more often. It is we who rely on a fragile equilibrium, our earth will definitely continue, it is only the question, whether as a dead stone colossus or as a living and life-bearing cradle of the next evolutionary stage. We are the ones who are endangered, and unfortunately we are not yet aware of how endangered we are: we are truly in the middle of the end of the world! But it happens so slowly that the individual flea does not notice that his dog is dying. Not only many species are already extinct: the earth itself is dying. It is becoming weaker and weaker. For years, researchers have been observing that the Earth's magnetic field is getting weaker and weaker. Oh, you think you can not put that right? Dream On! Even our science has already found out that this leads to orientation problems in the animal world. The changes in the magnetic field not only make whales strand or take birds off their usual flight routes, they also cause hallucinations in humans. Astronauts without magnetic field and gravity report disturbances of emotions and balance, but they also report increased telepathy, intuition, and creativity. A NASA study from 1978 even found a much larger context: the demise of advanced civilizations always took place at times of increased solar activity , Well, we also know that people tend to sleepwalk at full moon. Solar winds, solar flares and sunspots always occur in large and small cycles. This was also known to the Mayas with their exact astronomical knowledge. What they predicted for 2012 was perhaps nothing else than the very large, medium, and small gears of time at this point meshing to reinforce rather than weaken or even balance their effects. Of course, we are still in the middle of this time window. And has not a lot happened yet, so the earth's magnetic field is weakening. What could that mean? Our scientists expect that, according to their theory, the Earth's magnetic field would have to weaken before a pole shift, which is almost undisputed in physics. And pole jumps happen to the earth in regular cycles. So are we about to make a pole shift? What would be expected then? What would be the consequences for our species and all the other plants and animals? A pole shift is even long overdue after the cyclical event! A scientist recently said that on state television, not just me. The magnetic field of the earth disappears completely for a short time, and the north and south poles change places. But not alone, usually slips the Erdachse, which staggers slightly anyway, to a new place. Since 1931, geophysicists have discovered nearly 500 shifts of the magnetic North Pole to the northwest. At the next pole shift it is expected that the North Pole will trade with the South Pole and the poles will shift significantly at the same time: the South Pole will probably slip into Siberia and the North Pole into the Pacific east of the southern tip of South America. Upps: Then the north and south poles are thawing! It will take a while until new ice forms at the new poles. If the poles, ie the ends of the earth's axis, jump to another point, it is like grabbing a ball while turning it. This changes all climates. The equator is different. If the Earth's axis jumps as expected, we Germans would at least be lucky: we would still be at the same latitude. But should the Gulf Stream as a giant climate engine change in its direction or fail altogether, we could assume, despite this situation, that our climate is changing. Our Earth does not have the ideal curve of a ball: due to the rotation, it was flattened at the poles. So maybe take a deformable ball and knoll it at the poles. Now turn around and turn on: You see, this very flattening now leads to an imbalance in the rotation. While the earth will then balance itself safely over the years, we can expect that the earth's crust will have to react strongly. When the axis bounces, so inevitably comes to volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and also to all other natural disasters that we know. Can we survive anyway? As Homo Creativus Pax: Yes. For the Homo Sapiens Sapiens I have little hope. What makes the magnetic field with us humans? Well, it protects us from the radiation of the sun, it directs the hostile, electrically charged particles to the poles, from which then very beautiful northern lights arise when it enters the atmosphere


s. We have long been aware that the magnetic field itself has an effect on us. If it turns out completely, we might go crazy. Riots and riots, suicides and other crazy acts could be the result. Then we are no longer protected from the radiation of the sun, that would be comparable to an ozone hole around the globe. Maybe you could not stay on the surface during the day. One would certainly have to wait until the earth's surface has calmed down and rearranged. Wherever you look, one thing is for sure: it will not continue like this. Natural disasters are increasing. The traditions of the natives around the world claim that we have a direct influence on the forces of nature, and I say so too. Their religious customs have exactly this experience background. We'll come to that. We can have a soothing effect on the phenomena of nature or strengthen them. The increase and drift of natural disasters (such as earthquakes), as we can objectively scientifically ascertain it worldwide, could be directly related to the way that our civilization exploits Earth in an exploitative way. Regardless of whether we extract ore from open-cast mines or extract oil from the seabed or fracking, we intervene in ever deeper layers of the earth. Without understanding the context, we do everything that is technically possible and promises profits. And the earth also strengthens their reactions; Everything gets more drastic and gets rocking. The fact that you can not imagine this connection has nothing to do with whether it is objective and whether it can be scientifically proven. The primitive peoples may have no sat nav and no cell phone, but a sharper sense of direction. They looked back on long periods of cause-and-effect observation in dealing with nature. These were long-term observations often over centuries that they have evaluated. For example, they talk to their volcano and love and appease him. It may seem childish to you, but what if your collective unconscious connects to the inner events of the mountain just in such a way that they can anticipate when it will break out, hours before, or specifically dream what they need to do, to save her village? Animals often sense the danger so early that they can get to safety. We probably just let that sense go to sleep. If you can even sense when danger threatens, you will be able to take precautions or flee in time. This is a good idea for the end of the world. Even if you think that is pure humbug or the outgrowth of religious delusion, I have personally experienced it several times before that a group meditating outdoors translates the dense cloud cover over itself into a large circular hole could open, and the clear starry sky became visible. We are so stubborn in our civilization that we do not even want to try it! We can not imagine it, so we do not try it and do not have any experience with it. We prefer to think progressively, stay right and let our perception wither away. The Native American trackers saw much more than the European immigrants, they could read tracks. These peoples had a long tradition of living directly with the elements of their environment. Can we even afford not to listen to them? Most people at the end of the world think of dangers that surprise us from the cosmos. It could fall from the sky meteors or our own space junk, doing an estimated fifty tons annually. Mostly these bombs burn up in the atmosphere before they hit the ground. We see them as falling stars. If these projectiles are big enough, then all life on earth can die out. Almost everything. And that has already happened, then quite different forms of life than our now known would crowd in the foreground. Surely it could also develop new intelligent life. Today our scientists assume that the dinosaurs died out about eighty million years ago by a cosmic catastrophe. A large meteorite hit Mexico today and hit the Gulf of Mexico with the destructive power of several atomic bombs on the coast. This impact had a deadly effect on its immediate surroundings. It must also be assumed by a subsequent, huge tidal wave and massive dust clouds, such as the outbreak of the super volcano in Yellowstone Park in the US every now and then. The outer mantle of the earth was certainly shaken violently, which led to volcanic eruptions worldwide. As a result, more toxic ash and gas clouds were thrown into the atmosphere, or it flowed lava flows and hot pyroplasti


over the country. The dinosaurs in places other than Mexico did not die out immediately; only their relatives in the immediate danger zones met it immediately or they perished miserably at the late consequences. Maybe they were just incapacitated and weakened their immune system, which is enough in the long run to make a species extinct. The worst-case scenario of science goes even further. The sea and the rivers of the area probably cooked, which also killed many animals and plants. The atmosphere became very hot once. Those who could not crawl underground were burned or caught in poisonous vapors. Then the sun darkened with the rising cloud of dust and a dusk with temperatures near freezing plummeted over the earth for several years. The dying, the torturously long death and the long-term consequences as diseases and dying, hunger and thirst spread around the globe. The up to five-year global winter was the real shock. It is believed that the big herbivores first disappeared, because the plant world immediately withered away without sunlight. How long will our houseplants last without sunlight, if we leave the shutters down? The draft horses froze fast or at least they became very slow. They could only move when the sun came through. Predatory warmbloods found equally good prey with so many weakened animals. That's how the Big Food started, because there are winners in every situation. Presumably, the healthy spring water was very short, because from above it was raining poison and ashes. The scavengers worked best for a while, at least when the animal carcasses were not poisoned. When the plants die, so does the oxygen content of the air rapidly! No life without oxygen. In addition, imagine poisoning and pestilence alone through all the carcasses lying around, species that could hibernate, that shut down their vital functions without them dying, and species that are already buried in caves and underground, or near freezing without plants, now had a great evolutionary advantage. They were best able to survive the years of constant stress with a chain reaction of problems, and then, when the earth calmed down again, seize the ecological niches that had been freed by the extinction of the dinosaurs. The plant world changed too; The surviving plant species also quickly colonized their new open spaces as soon as the sun came through again. Slowly, a new, different balance of ecological, interdependence was created. We owe it to this catastrophe alone that the mammals flourish and thus our existence. Let's keep it clear: what appears retrospectively in the story as a punctual event dragged on in its global consequences for years and decades. If humans had already lived together with the dinosaurs, they could possibly have survived as a species in caves, but not without the particular danger of the situation, the hunger, the cold and the immune deficiency would have led to a strong decimation of the species. It is enough for the survival of a species that at least so many individuals survive, that the gene pool can renew itself and stabilize. In the meantime, biologists can estimate just how big a population must be in order not to risk extinction. How would this dinosaur catastrophe impact if it occurred to us today? A rat in Europe would just have to somehow survive the first three to five years, then it's just dark. As a rat, she lives mostly in the sewers of our cities anyway, so not much changes in her life. Well, she has to be careful with the water that it is not poisoned. A human, on the other hand, loses his entire infrastructure. Today our civilization is so intricately interwoven and comfortable, we can hardly imagine the individual effects. Well, our houses are really nice caves, which even with air conditioning can hermetically shield you from the outside world if the atmosphere has been poisoned. But are our homes able to live near freezing for five years? With an artificial supply of oxygen? Perhaps the burden would only lead to the extinction of humans in the third or fourth generation. That was not so fast with the dinosaurs, as it sounds. It may even take centuries for the last dinosaurs to die from spontaneous mutations, sterility, poisons, dust, hunger, thirst and cold. For some time now, our sun has been heating up, affecting all of its local environment. It's getting warmer on all the planets, not just on Earth. Did you know that? The sun sends others


Frequencies, and we notice that we need a higher sun protection factor. In my childhood and for a long time as adults, the sun was yellow in the sky. In children's drawings she was always shown in yellow. But she seems white today, more than knows anyway as yellow. What if the sun's radiation itself would change in its composition and intensity? Can not it be that the radiation frequencies of the sun determine our climate more than what we believe? What if the sun itself is causing our current global warming? Maybe our star changes the climate on all planets, how else could the ice ages and warm periods be explained? In my apartment also determine the radiator, how warm it is. Or the sun itself shines through the window. There are also completely different assumptions about our solar environment. Since astronomers have discovered that a solar system seldom comes alone, and that more often two or more suns form complex systems, and the orbits of their planets interact, there are also assumptions that our sun also has a twin, a second massive celestial body , Scientists call this a binary system. Of course, no one has ever seen this second sun, but it can still exist. If it is a brown dwarf that exists in our universe like sand on the sea, then the twin has a slightly smaller mass than our sun and therefore could not really get going, ignite and burn brightly. It would only then coagulate and emit only heat rays in infrared frequencies, and we can not see them with our eyes. Or this twin of the sun has already died out, even then it could only be perceived in the infrared range, so to speak as a contrast to the much colder room. For people who deal with this theory, the dark twin of our sun is called 'nemesis' (= the Destroyer). Nemesis would have to appear red in the sky and would only be visible if it came close enough, otherwise the twin would remain invisible. This celestial body should have several planets whose orbits are tilted to the orbits of our sun. Where this theory comes from, I could not find out. The binary system we would have to imagine as Saturn next to each other, whose rings are tilted against each other and sometimes touch and penetrate. Depending on the distance of these two solar systems from each other, their movements would have to influence and confuse at least the rings, while the two suns rotate around a common center of gravity. One of these planets, the outer and the largest, is called 'Nibiru' in this theory, and this is referred to on the clay tablets of ancient Sumerians. At least, Zacharias Sitchin has translated a number of clay tablets and written very interesting books about them. Nibiru is said to be so close to us five thousand years in orbit that he beats asteroids out of the local cloud, far beyond Pluto, and comets them to a new one Course sets. Depending on where then which planet is currently in its orbit, it can also lead to further disasters. So supporters of this theory also assume that the planet Tiamat, which must have been originally located between Mars and Jupiter, collided with Nibiru or a moon of his. Tiamat fell into two major parts and many small ones, creating the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. The larger part was knocked off the track and placed in an orbit further inside and took the smaller part with it. Thus, this theory introduces the formation of the Earth and the Moon. Instead of Nibiru, we also speak of the planet X and of course we are also expecting it again, the five thousand years are over again. The Maya said yes: There are gears of the time. But even without this theory we still have enough dangerous celestial bodies. The largest asteroid, called Aprophis, which rushes past our orbits on our orbit, has two kilometers in diameter, just like the Dino asteroid back then. It would have the effect of sixty-five Hiroshima bombs (said on state television) and is expected as a safe flyby on Friday, April 13, 2029. The scientists are so sure that he will not open, just come over. Only seven years later, in 2036, could it be tricky for us, as he flies past quite close. Did the dinosaur meteorite cause a pole shift? Because for exactly the time of the next flyby Nostradamus has predicted the pole shift. At least in the source whose interpretation of his verses I trust most. Unfortunately, Nostradamus is so much


clear, he had to write very cryptic because of the Inquisition at that time. In the spiritual circles, there is also much talk of the change of the Schumann frequency. As far as I understand it is the natural vibration of the earth. And that has more than doubled in the last thirty years. That it seems to us as if the time went by faster, should be due to lead back, and also that we see all but quite positive. We have learned at school that at the level of atoms and below, everything is just the movement of particles. They dance and swing as tiny particles in the almost empty room. Even the rock does it. At the atomic level, even the most massive mountain is made up of nothing and a few orbiting particles, as far apart as the planets and stars. By the way, our sages have always maintained that: As above, so below. The atomic and astronomical levels are alike. The atoms in turn are made of quarks, and they are even crazier: they jump into existence and out again, that's what creates this vibration. At the lowest level of matter known to us today, we swing in and out of existence. The ancient Indians said that when their god Shiva stops dancing, the world ceases to exist. That's what they meant by that! And vibrations are superimposed like waves in a pond. At the lowest level known to us, we are just vibration and the earth is. Throw two stones at the same time in different directions into a pond and observe the waves: they overlap one speaks of interference. So, when the Schumann frequency doubles, it will of course affect our own circles. "Do not disturb my circles," said a philosopher in ancient Greece. So what if the whole of the problems we are seeing around us are already clear signs that we are in the middle of a very slowly but inevitably evolving global Living the end of the world? With the term 'end of the world' we connect above all unavoidable natural catastrophes, whereby we humans become increasingly the all-decisive risk of our own downfall. An end of the world sounds so bombastic, it never captures all people, animals, plants, places and times alike. After a punctual cause such as an earthquake in the middle of the Pacific ocean, it can trigger tsunamis on the Asian coasts hours later and at different times, just as a few years ago at Christmas, when a quarter of a million people lost their lives. The suffering went on for a long time. The threat, in which people suddenly found themselves, because their entire livelihood and infrastructure was destroyed, we can theoretically hardly imagine, and it is not unlike a human-caused warfare. Even wars often drag on for years and run as a wave of destruction over a country. The survivors are traumatized in both cases, they have to deal with deaths, complications and accidents suffered and lose not only friends and relatives but their livelihoods. Whole towns and villages are destroyed along with infrastructure. However, at the time of the Christmas tsunami, it was mainly the coasts that were affected, while the people in the interior and the relatives of the tourists at home were more concerned with helping and emotionally capturing. Also on the human body, chemical, genetic and technical landslides have long been in motion, we feasted in pretty much everything that keeps our body upright and healthy, we do not even know if we want to develop in that direction. Most of us were and are not even asked if we want genetic intervention or technical spare parts. They are presented to us as a solution only when we are so ill that we reach for each straw. But these possibilities have been developed long before. And other, more humane opportunities with no big profits are simply lost to research and development. How can that be in a democracy that we do not have a say in it? At the moment, we are leaving our development solely to the profit motive of large multinational corporations and gambling addicts in the stock market. Imagine that the dinosaurs had our science. How would they have interfered with their bodies and their development? We are masters of repression. Only when it concerns our personal life, we notice that there is hardly any health around us, despite all the praised medical progress! If that's true, what we're told, would not we all have to be perfectly healthy now? If we feel bad, we're even talked into it, it s


it is our own fault and our irresponsible way of life. That's how we feel and make a great effort to change things: We buy ourselves free with an improved consumption of sustainable organic and fair trade products, Schüssler salts and important nutritional supplements - or finally book the yoga class. On the other hand, what we personally can not change is a feeling of powerlessness: radiation exposure, global warming, air pollution, increasing electrosmog, radioactive contamination and the lack of natural life force in food, drink and water. These problems are global and you can only slightly change that, you tell yourself. With a threshold from Brussels, the problem is recognized, but the cause has not disappeared by far. The media like to deal with causative factors if they want to mobilize and enlighten us. It can make us feel guilty, which affects our buying behavior and fitness behavior more. Because in addition to health and nutrition reports can be placed particularly many ads that finance the sheet. The industry of fitness and food supply and supplementation needs to be powered. And the other problems? There is nothing you can do. If you have fun with cigarettes, an affirmation is even prescribed by law (printed on the pack), because his smoking may well lead to his death. If our politicians have no basic psychological knowledge at all, we modern humans think we are so incredibly progressive and yet today we are sicker and more prone to failure, and more dependent on the whole of civilization than ever before. Occupational disability and early disability have increased alarmingly, as have the number of cancers, autoimmune diseases and musculoskeletal disorders. On the other hand, the medical equipment continues to expand, technically more and more feasible. From artificial knee joints to pacemakers. And what's possible is also done. Take CRISP, for example. This is a virus that can now be deliberately used as a pair of scissors to cut out fragments of our DNA and put them together again. So far, CRISP has only been tested on experimental animals. Our geneticists now have it in their hands: they could support us in the mutation to Homo Creativus Pax. But more likely it is that they continue to upset the genes of the old Homo Sapiens to finally produce the best good subjects ever in the retort. It's just more profitable for maximizing profits. And what is profitable is done, right? With Crisp you can target all genetic information. In contrast, stem cell research takes early cells (stem cells that have not yet differentiated) and gives them growth orders. For example, a pig's ear could already be bred. Or take organ transplants, they help save lives. It is still controversial when a body is really dead and which personality changes in the recipient can be expected by the organ donation. There are many indications that not only an organ is implanted in him, but also part of the personality of the deceased. For example, I do not want to take on a strange psyche, I have enough to do with myself. Human bodies must survive, whatever the cost. That is our social strategy. Behind this is the belief that there is only this one life and that we are just that body, and that our consciousness is only a function of our brain and completely extinguishes when the body dies. Maybe there will be a subsequent heaven for the faithful. Even though the population is slowly becoming a completely different image of men, this belief in perfidious finitude still dominates the thinking of decision-makers. When everything comes to an end with death, it is important to delay it as long as possible and extend the death drama as much as possible. That's just logical. And woe, a seriously ill person has no living will! Then he is artificially ventilated, fed, operated on and examined, until at some point a vital organ fails. On the other hand, we change the entry into human life: still younger embryos can be kept alive in incubators. These immature premature babies are being treated with many complementary treatments and surgeries, far from the comfort of their mothers, whereas in the past nature had to be wild, but only healthy and fit infants could make ends meet. What a start in life, even if in the crawling age, a heart surgery is necessary,....


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