Emglisch Translation of "Bluestar revealed - a merry transition through the event"

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This is not a manual for disasters. I will not tell you anything about stockpiling or frighten you, nor convert you to the true faith or indulge in savage speculation about our future. Far too many scenarios have already been developed in film, television, in book form and on the internet. I do not want to convince you that there will be an end of the world at all. But at least I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the warning signals increase significantly. I am convinced that we are right in the middle of it all.

It will not be the first end of the world either. There have been more or less world-downs in human history, but you will not find them in any history book. The Hopi Indian people claim to have already survived three world declines, global catastrophes that completely changed the planet. And not only that, all the signs that the Hopi should realize that another such apocalypse is imminent have already arrived, except for one: The Bluestar Prophecy. In addition to the past world doomsday, we will focus on this last prophecy of the blue star, a star that appears just before the end of the world to announce it.
Then I introduce myself briefly. Because I'm Bluestar, come to announce the end of the world and lead as many people safely through. It would be wonderful if everyone came along, but that's what each one decides for themselves. I know that sounds presumptuous or crazy and that's why I dedicate the third chapter of my personal story and how I've discovered that I'm who I am. At the same time, we will find a completely different approach to the prophecies of the Hopi and unravel the Bluestar Prophecy. It will be necessary for me to tell you things that I have previously entrusted to only very intimate friends, because they just sound too crazy and that's what really happened to me. I will explain what I personally have to do with the end of the world and why he has been with me for a lifetime. I want to inspire and encourage you to follow your own path while inviting me to create a safe passage through the end of the world.

Our survival will depend crucially on whether we can get out of the artificial matrix creatively, intuitively and illogically, but above all unpredictably, instead of battling against her on the field of her choice of mind she prefers, or to hide us from her powerlessly. It is simply superior to us in terms of long-term planning, logic and cold intelligence. But if we do not even enter their mental ambush, we have all the trumps in our hands: Because heart is trump.

We need to change as soon as possible a system that moves relatively automatically in a direction that does us no good and where our health and our freedom will fall by the wayside. For understanding this book and for your own safe passage, it does not matter if you believe in political, economic, or social injustices as causative factors, or if you blame a deep state, a secret world government, or even extraterrestrials. In this book, I call a system a 'matrix' when it pulls us into self-defeating wars, diseases and disasters through constraints and inadequate democratic and social structures or through a secret agenda. My own personal idea comes very close to the movie 'Matrix', but for our liberation it does not matter how we define 'Matrix'.

The patriarchy was historically favored, because life out of the mind can be better controlled. Strong women have always been dangerous - for the Matrix. That is not a question of the sexes either. The greatest avatars in history have lived mainly from their female side and from their hearts. And we can do that too. We will get out of the matrix together, which would otherwise drive us further into destruction. The good news is that if we understand the context, it is almost child's play to tear down those bars of our prison! That's why I present them to you in detail in the fourth chapter. Fortunately, these bars only exist in the consciousness of everyone and only there can you remove them. A consciousness prison is liberated by the respective consciousness itself, no one else can do that for you. And that can be easily created from the sofa.

What is it all about in this power game on our planet? What do you think? Why are there wars, why are all talking about investments? Profits, power and control
e, why? Is there only greed and megalomania in the game? What is being exploited or collected? Worker? Money? Dates? Or esoteric spiritual interpretation of the gold reserves or your energy? No: I have found out, is harvested your whole, living, creative power! This is a new and important approach, so we need to be more specific about that. This is your only capital for real change, your most important asset, to carry you safely through the end of the world. Learn to create your own life with him instead of giving your power to others. It's not about doing the right thing. It's just a distraction that keeps you fidgeting in the Matrix because you've gone to the glue on it, the way a fly sticks to a spider web. Our real power is to influence probabilities and create new possibilities!


Your destiny is not set in stone and our future is malleable. A simple formula will expose your potential to create a good life for yourself. And then we take care of our good mood, because our emotions are crucial for a safe passage. So how can we keep our sense of humor in this serious situation? There is every reason to rejoice! I'll say it soon: I come from a neighboring universe that has already been completed. I have incarnated into various humanoid and non-humanoid races facing each other in the galactic wars. Because I wanted to understand this war and learn to create peace. In this life on earth, I woke up spiritually in 1987 with the first major wave at age 34. I then artificially delayed my further awakening as much as I possibly could, watching the others around me to comprehend the process of awakening as comprehensively as possible. I also expanded my skills as a teacher and in scientifically structured thinking to be prepared be for the people who hinder themselves in learning or have developed an emotional behavioral disorder. In my eyes, these are all those who still live in the Matrix and still feel free. They are only as free as the lemmings and will fall together into the abyss, if it goes on unchecked.


Lemmings are small mammals that instinctively go into a collective suicide every few years, when their populations get out of hand, and rush off a cliff into the sea in one long move. I would be glad if you did not get my book right at the first resistance fire into the corner, because these resistances will come as surely as the Amen in the church. Only lemmings behave conventionally and fall collectively over the cliff into the sea! I am not interested in a collective suicide. With this book I just want to take you on a journey, a journey that leads us happily through the end of the world. May it impart new ideas, knowledge, insights and strength, and encourage you on your own path. Whoever understands and implements this book should be able to create a safe passage in the end. And I wish that you too are part of it! Together we can do that, we will seek and find the ideal way through the end of the world. Maybe we even manage to dance very happily through the chaos that lies ahead of us.


Our joy is central to our heavenly endeavor, more important than you might think now. For me, this book project has already done extremely well, even if in between times I always felt like I was diving through my own downfall. In the end, this book gave me back my clarity and strength and brought forth old knowledge and new insights. It has thoroughly cleaned up my messy-colorful mess in my mind that left my interests, studies, education and all my life experiences in me. While I usually jump ambidextrously between the left and right hemispheres, either exploring things with scientific interest or enthusiastically performing illogical-creative leaps or making meditative excursions to the energetic heights of spiritual planes, I have always lacked something in a holistic overall view. So, I asked myself for this book: What is the essence of what I have found out to this point in my life? I know from experience that my thinking, feeling, and acting will not form a new consciousness next, not that at the level of copying and parroting, when it has a significant impact on my own life and I can also explain it to others in a really good way, in a way that they can do something with it. Only then did I really understand it myself, with effect on my life. Until then, it remains as superficial as a garment that I can take off again at any time. And expresses itself massively in Awesome Knowledge. Or in a tunnel view, which sees through pink glasses. I know that, I know myself and I must be careful, otherwise I like to fall back into this pattern.


This book addresses all people indiscriminately, without exception: to people who are predominantly intellectual and with their left-brain half of thought and linear logic on the way and those who prefer the feminine approach of the right half through intuition, creativity, and feelings, and no matter what their level of consciousness and level of vibration. I would like to fill the blind spots of each consciousness with new life. I ask the spiritual among my readers not to jump off just because the energy of the book does not feel continuously bright, sublime, and beneficial, as they are used to from spiritual literature. Since the end of the world is about our collective shadow, I invite them instead to dive with me again. This time very powerful, clear, grounded and aware and as a service to the earth. Let's dive through the collective shadow again, where we have been integrating our personal shadow. It is important to jump from the pink cloud every now and then into the colorful life. And to create. To be able to do this in the best way, the shadow provides us with the detailed information as to where the source wants to go with us.


The classical mathematical psychologist Piaget had recognized that our learning happens in two phases: assimilation and adaptation. Assimilation is the reception of new information. I advocate doing this assimilation for the duration of the book without resistance, without judgment and unconditionally, just as an amoeba flows around its prey and then absorbs and assimilates it. Recording extends our knowledge. The second phase, the adaptation, is like the digestive process of the amoeba, it is the embedding of the whole, taken up stuff into our previous consciousness, a conscious and energetic integration. And then we retire, what we could not digest, what we could not put into our picture of the world. We should allow both to recalibrate our consciousness, and we need to be well prepared for our happy passage through the end of the world. I ask for nothing less than that even readers with an already expanded consciousness once again fully engage in this assimilation.


Do it like the amoeba, it covers everything. And digest after that. So, please decide to read this book completely - or put it away. Because this book could change your consciousness. In each of us there is a sabotaging censor who will try to prevent the recording. He wants you to stay as you are. But if we all do that and keep going like this, the catastrophe is certain. We need to be open to change. In every consciousness, there are shutdown terms and energies that need to be overcome for better understanding and a next higher level of consciousness. To use a mathematical analogy: We must not stop calculating with integers and then learn to draw roots, we all must deal with the imaginary numbers of unimaginable, negative root contents in this difficult situation. Each consciousness is followed by a next higher one. And I suppose that does not stop, even the source continues to develop with us. So please, stay curious as a child. Already Jesus should have said that then the kingdom of heaven is safe for you. So, when Lao Tse, a wise man in ancient China, retired and said goodbye to his surroundings, they asked him, the wise man, to leave a guide behind so that his wisdom would not be lost with him. And so, this Chinese retiree set to work and wrote the Tao Te King, a recommended book of world literature. My book is at least as important, and since no one asked me in my environment, I just had to ask myself to write it. I am convinced that I have discovered how to create Heaven on Earth in no time at all - and of course a safe passage. My daughter calls this my 'latent megalomania’.


The surprising approach to the solution of this book is not new. He was already discovered by many people in front of me. Many have gone before me or wandering by my side, and to them I dedicate this book and remember them with gratitude. However, the solution itself is so diverse and multi-dimensional and requires on the level of consciousness something like the 'dealing with imaginary numbers'. Therefore, most people who have already recognized this and tried to avoid it completely exclude it from explaining it to another person so that he can understand and implement it. "The mainstream is so far away from what is here really thing is, "then some told me. Others around me blaspheme the esoteric spinners and dreamers who "believe in it". But they failed to recognize that they had shut themselves off, because the esoteric spinners often did not believe, they just knew it! The alleged 'spinners' could only count on imaginary numbers, while the others were still looking for solutions to equations in the number space of the fractional calculation that simply could not be found in this number space (consciousness)! For months, I also felt overwhelmed with the task itself. but gradually I gained confidence to master the task. Who, if not me, could explain these relationships so that even a ten-year-old understands them?


After all, I taught mathematics and economics at a secondary school in Mainz for many years, later studying the special school teacher for behavior and learning in Berlin and training as a mediator: everything to support students who are having a hard time doing something learn or even correct their own behavior so that it no longer harms themselves or others. On my journey, I have found remarkable insights and tools that, once understood and applied, will allow us all to create heaven on earth, No, I do not shut up. The sky on earth has become so likely for me that I wanted to say with our Chancellor, "that is no alternative". That with the sky on earth, of course, and not our Chancellor or what she contributes to it. If I was not convinced, I would not stick to this book: Believe me, I have better things to do than get away from the computer for months! What I do I do thoroughly, I'm very German in that. So, this book will also contain many things that have never been put together into a whole in this form. Because only holistically what will happen to our heaven on earth. What I introduce here goes far beyond what is currently considered holistic. The understanding of humanity from the imaginary number space is virtually insufficient, the mainstream consciousness itself must find a collective imaginary consciousness. It's not about an accumulation of even more knowledge and opinions. This is no longer consciousness, it's just an accumulation of even more matrix.


It's not so much about understanding the cause of our problems and about how to best solve them. We enter the slippery field of the Matrix, a battlefield on which she has long achieved mastery and will play consistently against the wall. Conscious creation is different. Awareness itself is very different. Above all, it's easy and completely new at every level. And there are many steps to take. It is also accessible to everyone, you do not even need to have a secondary school leaving certificate. I myself have learned a lot from my own children. Waking up to a new level of consciousness is both heavy and amazingly easy. It can shock you with what you find out. But your life will be so much more fun as your new consciousness unfolds. This book will inspire you to do so. Everything that I say you can put to the test, I do it that way. I'm not saying I'm right. I'm just saying, give it a try! So hereby I invite you on a different journey of discovery, one through the jungle of your knowledge, your experiences, your feelings and your personality towards yourself, to create for you and your loved ones a safe passage through the turmoil of time. Let us recognize the blind spots on the map of our consciousness, fill them with life and together find a way that leads us happily through the end of the world. I wish us all a good trip! Julianne Becker (Eh-Yh-Ra) Idar-Oberstein in July 2018




The end of the world - we are in the middle of it
The theme "End of the World" has always fascinated people, but with the medial possibilities of modernity, even the wildest scenarios can be impressively cast through books, films and computer animations into a comprehensible, entertaining and almost tangible form. After the visit to the cinema or the movie enjoyment one is visibly relieved: Thank goodness. It's not that bad in reality! Well, anywhere in the world and at some point, it's probably already happened to people like that. But not here and now, what luck! And then we are happy, we are still alive, and we live well.

From a psychological point of view, we can reduce our fears, channel them, or even intensify them imaginatively and continue to spin them, depending on how we deal with them, constructively or destructively. First the Millennium was frightening us with the impending computer construction, because the hardware was not prepared for the passage to the next millennium, then came the Mayan calendar and its announcement of the end of time for 2012. It is also amazing how many end-times visions and Prophecies seem to refer to our time, starting with Nostradamus with the Antichrist and the Third World War over Irrlmaier, who also saw this third world war, and John from the Bible, who sees in his revelation the New Jerusalem. Numerous, lesser-known and modern prophets’ line up there.
Hollywood has long taken on such a spectacular topic and played through all the scenarios you can imagine. We were comprehensively 'educated', which can happen like that. And the television was not after that, it dealt extensively in series, reports and films with a possible threat. I clearly remembered the film '2012' with an interplay of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tidal waves. Or the German film about a volcanic eruption in the Eifel, which affected as far as Frankfurt and beyond. The volcano chamber under the Eifel created with their huge gas bubbles the typical Maars of the Eifel. That was not unrealistic. The last eruption is only twelve thousand years old; and that is almost still in the history of the earth. We may be traveling on much thinner ice than we are fond of and aware of.

So far, there was no major end of the world. It has not been that bad. Were these prophecies then a false alarm of seers and prophets? On the other hand, we can observe and empirically prove an increase in catastrophic events and their amplification such as storms, floods and earthquakes, all with severe consequences. For those affected, that was certainly an end of the world. Whole parts of our civilization have been destroyed worldwide in no time at all and many people lost their lives, their health, their homes and their economic existence. These natural catastrophes are called 'floods of the century' or 'cloudburst' or a flood of unprecedented magnitude, or a very strong earthquake or hurricane with a mighty, destructive force. At the same time, our atmosphere is warming up, which will gradually lead to dramatic climatic changes.

All this is not a global end of the world, at least not, as the films describe it. I still wonder: did not we inevitably set course for him? Are we already in the middle of it and are we even creating it ourselves? Does the downfall of humanity, as we imagine it, only take place much, much more slowly, and in different places and at different times? Is it going on for decades or centuries?
It is perhaps like in the story of the frog, which is cooked very slowly and that is why it stays in the saucepan and does not jump out of the hot water, because the temperature rises only very slowly. It's just so cozy in the warmer water! Maybe as a human civilization we are cooking very slowly. If the temperature rose too fast, the frog would startle and jump out. The slow increase in temperature and stress levels makes you sluggish and lazy and idle. Not a good survival strategy for the frog. And not for us humans either.

What if the end of the world would break over us in this life, in one form or another, unless we wake up from this laziness and fateful devotion, when we just let everything pass, what others decide about us? Can or do we want to change that? And if so, how? Personally, I am convinced that all humanity should reflect on their full creative potential and use it to change course. Otherwise s


Soon the world will go down for many. In any case, the self-determined, healthy, natural world. How would we feel if we could clearly see the symptoms of the end of the world? What if, in the same degree as we are shaken, new powers and ideas are born in us to meet these challenges happily and safely? And only then? If we were then also afraid of realizing the whole truth, the whole depth of evil that happens in the world, or on the contrary we wanted to experience the whole truth very quickly and comprehensively and put it behind us, this power of change to wake up in us? Would not we welcome every whistleblower as heroes and guardians of the Grail for a positive change? Would not we then discover more ingenious ideas and methods to cushion or prevent the worst? And make up for what's humanly possible? So far humanity is still coping with its problems. We now need the experience and ideas and dedication of all. Then maybe we have a chance. How would it be if every person who is frightened out of his inertia because his comfort zone is shaken could at the same time mobilize in himself ideas and skills of survival that would be a blessing to us all? Maybe we literally need everyone, just as a car needs every little screw? And not just the driver behind the wheel. Not only the Chancellor Merkel, but also you and me. I believe that only when we realize the full extent of the threat and where we are threatened by the greatest disaster, we can go together to head for a better future. Our planet is destroyed and renewed on its surface even without our intervention again and again. He can do it all alone. Entire continental plates dive among each other, with the lower one being melted down.


Mountains continue to unfold, continents rupture. This has not only happened in the history of the earth. It happens now. Just very, very slowly. Nothing stays as it is. Our settlements are often on a fragile ground. San Francisco, for example, was built on the Andreas rift, where earthquakes and divergence of the slabs are certain. So, when is the final earthquake for this city? Or our settlements are so close to the coast that they can no longer be held in a storm tide when the sea level rises. On the North German coast, there are still traditions of how centuries ago some islands sank forever in the sea. Global warming is causing global glaciers to defrost the glaciers and rise sea levels. So, come again? The seemingly solid earth crusts we live on is always in motion. Driven by the liquid magma below, and by the rotation of the earth and convection by temperature differences, the firmer floes collide. These movements raise and lower the ground and cause earthquakes, landslides and volcanic eruptions. Volcanoes leave fertile soil, sometime thereafter. Therefore, people have always settled on the slopes of active volcanoes and lived with the danger. The plates collide also in the sea, strong seaquakes are the result. They cause tsunamis, huge tidal waves that roll over coasts and beaches.


Through the media, we are experiencing the consequences almost up close. Where our ancestors could barely imagine a flood, as it is in the Bible, we see the horrific events from the perspective of those affected - the cell phone camera. We always assume that the plates that are now submerged will stay there and only the shorelines will change as the water level increases. But when mountains can unfold, why should not entire plains rise or fall? Over the past decades and centuries, we have subjected our earth's crust to many additional artificial influences. Mining and open pit mining have been around for millennia, but never on this scale. The oil and gas extraction empty huge bubbles deep in the crust, which also leads to movements. From underground mining, we know the cracking and collapsing of houses hundreds of feet above it, but cavities on their present scale have never produced humanity or filled it with other materials. With fracking, resource depletion techniques are becoming increasingly aggressive. Do we really know what is happening in the crust, in the earth we live on? If oil is pumped under the seabed, you do not have to worry about the collapse of such cavities? Could not human intervention in oil production trigger a tsunami on our doorstep - in the North Sea? Our modern civilization has exploited the views of primitive peoples and mildly laughed at. Warnings were struck in the wind, arrogantly you know it even better.


People who are still connected to the Earth, in unison worldwide, believe that the leading metal layers, the crystal deposits and the water veins are important earth energy meridians that should not be interfered with. They are called Dragon Lanes or Leylines. There are energy channels in the earth's crust that provide the balance that we depend on. They keep the earth calm and stable. The primitive peoples have been summoning us (their unreasonable younger relatives) for centuries to restore that harmony, or at least not to disturb it further, for the sake of our very survival. We in the West are putting our health on the chemistry and the physics, on all that we can do with money can earn: physiotherapy, medicines, gyms. Our civilization has developed a tunnel vision. For a long time, the eastern knowledge of the energy meridians was ridiculed, or the success of acupuncture was considered a placebo effect, because the meridians could not be scientifically proven. But more and more people in the West have learned then practically that there must be something in it and that the Eastern tradition can heal very well. In the human body, too, the energy runs in invisible paths, the meridians. If the meridians are disturbed, the person becomes ill. If his energy is lacking in the long run, he will die prematurely. By our body we understand that meanwhile. But we consider our earth to be a dead piece of matter on which we only happen to exist. We obviously have a completely wrong picture of the earth. And this very idea leads us to wrong actions.


When our astronomers today search the universe for life on Earth-like planets and tell us what conditions must be met, we first realize how ideal the current state of our planet and the constellation in the solar system and the current biotope for human life are, as we know it. It is not at all self-evident that life develops, on the contrary, life is very fragile! What if the liveliness we attribute today only to the flora and fauna in our nature is a basic feature of the earth itself? Is not the water cycle comparable to our blood circulation? What if our entire planet itself is just a giant organism, and not a dead, watery stone ball spinning its rounds in the vastness of space we're about to do it in our imagination? the global networking of people via the Internet even create a structure comparable to the synaptic formation of our nerve cells? Is humanity just maturing into the conscious brain of this living planet? So, will the earth itself awaken fully conscious, as we imagine the awakening of the first human? Would we even know about it? Certainly not in scientific experiments! Or do you know how aware one of your cells or an organ is? A living system will always bring itself into a new equilibrium, that is a characteristic of liveliness. Consciousness is the other. Please put two and two together: Either we create a new harmony with our mother planet or he does it in his own way, because every living thing wants to live. If the earth were a dog, it would shake itself until the fleas fly out of the fur! The meridians of the human body could not be detected as little as the leylines of the earth, and yet the acupuncture works.


In this sense, we treat the earth for a very long time and more and more with negative acupuncture to disturb and exploit it as much as possible! When the energy cycles in our body are disturbed, we develop diseases, then what happens to the earth? Are natural catastrophes perhaps really, as the primitive peoples have always maintained, the disease symptoms of the earth itself? And could natural disasters increase as we continue to intervene in their self-regulating cycles? Our Christian culture has grown on older, 'pagan' cultures that were even more connected to nature. Of course, the church leaders and their masons (called 'Masons') knew about the energy channels of the earth, only their sheep should not know that. They should please refrain from all this pagan mischief and instead worship the one God and his powerful representative on earth. Cult places and places of power always arose where the dragon lines of the earth met or crossed each other. Lo and behold: even churches and cathedrals were built in the first centuries always on such crossroads to multiply the verifiable power.



strengthen. Of this one has strayed only in the modern age. Today, the development plan decides where a new church will be built. If you like, the monotheistic religions have as many key acupuncture points (pagan cult places) occupied the earth to energetically anchor their rule and erase the previous cultures at the same time as with an eraser. It does not matter if you believe in global warming or not. Whether you think it is a normal variation of the planetary climate or caused by humans. The earth has a fever! That's the way to see it. She needs to get back into balance, one way or the other. And these lice in the fur (our civilization) put her strong! Instead of developing into a networked brain, which also consciously re-establishes the harmonious balance of the entire planet, everything gets out of hand.


Probably all living organisms have struggled in their evolution for this balance. Who knows how many species evolutionarily fell by the wayside because their brain cells could not tolerate their bodies in harmony. Extinction also creates a new equilibrium. Or by a mutation to a better adapted to the situation organism. Only through this evolutionary pressure new species and new, natural equilibria and cycles developed, say our scientists. I am convinced that we will only survive if we succeed in an evolutionary leap from the Stone Age to the Modern Age. In addition, one must know that the human genome changes very fast - despite all earlier statements in the textbooks. Either we leave this change to the profit-driven Monsanto mindset and in a few generations become patented infertile hybrids or we take our change into our own hands. Taking this change consciously in the hand, that's my approach, and we come here Book still to talk about it. I think a self-induced mutation from homo sapiens sapiens (modern man) to homo creativus pax not only possible, it is already in full swing. In this context, self-induced means that every person is free to decide whether to choose this mutation. It is an offer to every human being now to change his consciousness to the imaginary number space and higher. I'll tell you how to do that later.


The Homo Creativus Pax, as I call him, is a human being who keeps peace (Pax) under all circumstances and consciously uses his creative power in harmony with everything living to balance and set up energies this way to change probabilities that rebalance the world (Creativus). Anyone can do that on the sofa, including you. Everyone can learn that as well, just like the acupuncture. The Homo Creativus Pax unleashes all his creative potential and thereby keeps peace - and strives for a balance in synergy in all his actions. Even if you do not think that possible, that does not change the fact that it's already in droves all over the world! No, you will not hear about it in the mainstream media, I will enlighten you. For a long time, Neanderthals have heard nothing of Homo Sapiens Sapiens, a doubly insane humanoid form that began to infiltrate and invade their habitat. And yet, after all, they have been completely ousted from it.


Global warming does not just cause the water on the coast to rise, and the available land gets less. It brings with it another nice surprise: in the permafrost soil of Siberia and in the polar ocean floor huge amounts of methane gas are stored, and this gas is released when thawing the soil into the atmosphere. Each of its molecules has the multiple effects of carbon dioxide and this will lead to further accelerated, intensified global warming. Only large bubbles appear in the soil, recognizable as round hills, into which one could break in, and after emptying the gas, dents appear in the surface of the tundra. There is nothing left to change about that. If the ground thaws, the land passage for humans and animals also becomes dangerous. You can already observe this phenomenon, just enter the relevant keywords and search the Internet. The mountains of Scandinavia have risen sharply, as the ice sheet of the last ice age almost completely defrosted - at least in the summer. Because the weight of the ice no longer weighed on him. So, Antarctica will lift as the ice melts at the South Pole. And you really believe that this has no effect on the slabs and if more volcanoes erupt and earthquakes happen, where they collide?


Natural disasters continue to increase in the future, extreme weather phenomena will accompany global warming. And as I just explained, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, mudslides, landslides and floods are also related. If the normal movements of the air and the Gulf Stream are additionally disturbed, entire areas of the country remain without rain and others are flooded, drought disasters and forest fires are the result, hurricanes occur more frequently and their intensity increases. In the meantime, weather catastrophes of this kind are also arriving at our place in Germany. Sure, the earth has experienced such extremes already more often. It is we who rely on a fragile equilibrium, our earth will continue, it is only the question, whether as a dead stone colossus or as a living and life-bearing cradle of the next evolutionary stage. We are the ones who are endangered, and unfortunately, we are not yet aware of how endangered we are: we are truly in the middle of the end of the world! But it happens so slowly that the individual flea does not notice that his dog is dying. Not only many species are already extinct: the earth itself is dying. It is becoming weaker and weaker.


For years, researchers have been observing that the Earth's magnetic field is getting weaker and weaker. Oh, you think you cannot put that right? Dream On! Even our science has already found out that this leads to orientation problems in the animal world. The changes in the magnetic field not only make whales strand or take birds off their usual flight routes, they also cause hallucinations in humans. Astronauts without magnetic field and gravity report disturbances of emotions and balance, but they also report increased telepathy, intuition, and creativity. A NASA study from 1978 even found a much larger context: the demise of advanced civilizations always took place at times of increased solar activity, Well, we also know that people tend to sleepwalk at full moon. Solar winds, solar flares and sunspots always occur in large and small cycles. This was also known to the Mayas with their exact astronomical knowledge. What they predicted for 2012 was perhaps nothing else than the very large, medium, and small gears of time at this point meshing to reinforce rather than weaken or even balance their effects. Of course, we are still in the middle of this time window. And has not a lot happened yet, so the earth's magnetic field is weakening. What could that mean? Our scientists expect that, according to their theory, the Earth's magnetic field would have to weaken before a pole shift, which is almost undisputed in physics. And pole jumps happen to the earth in regular cycles. So, are we about to make a pole shift? What would be expected then? What would be the consequences for our species and all the other plants and animals? A pole shift is even long overdue after the cyclical event! A scientist recently said that on state television, not just me. The magnetic field of the earth disappears completely for a short time, and the north and south poles change places.


But not alone, usually slips the earth axes, which staggers slightly anyway, to a new place. Since 1931, geophysicists have discovered nearly 500 shifts of the magnetic North Pole to the northwest. At the next pole shift it is expected that the North Pole will trade with the South Pole and the poles will shift significantly at the same time: The South Pole will probably slip into Siberia and the North Pole into the Pacific east of the southern tip of South America. Then the north and south poles are thawing! It will take a while until new ice forms at the new poles. If the poles, i.e. the ends of the earth's axis, jump to another point, it is like grabbing a ball while turning it. This changes all climates. The equator is different. If the Earth's axis jumps as expected, we Germans would at least be lucky: we would still be at the same latitude. But should the Gulf Stream as a giant climate engine change in its direction or fail altogether, we could assume, despite this situation, that our climate is changing. Our Earth does not have the ideal curve of a ball: due to the rotation, it was flattened at the poles. So maybe take a deformable ball and knoll it at the poles. Now turn around and turn on: You see, this very flattening now leads to an imbalance in the rotation.While the earth will then balance itself safely over the years, we can expect that the earth's crust will have to react strongly. When the axis bounces, so inevitably comes to volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and to all other natural disasters that we know.


Can we despite to survive? As Homo Creativus Pax: Yes. For the Homo Sapiens Sapiens I have little hope. What makes the magnetic field with us humans? Well, it protects us from the radiation of the sun, it directs the hostile, electrically charged particles to the poles, from which then very beautiful northern lights arise when they enter the atmosphere. We have long been aware that the magnetic field itself influences us. If it turns out completely, we might go crazy. Riots and riots, suicides and other crazy acts could be the result. Then we are no longer protected from the radiation of the sun, that would be comparable to an ozone hole around the globe. Maybe you could not stay on the surface during the day. One would certainly have to wait until the earth's surface has calmed down and rearranged.


Wherever you look, one thing is for sure: it will not continue like this. Natural disasters are increasing. The traditions of the natives around the world claim that we have a direct influence on the forces of nature, and I say so too. Their religious customs have exactly this experience background. We'll come to that. We can have a soothing effect on the phenomena of nature or strengthen them. The increase and drift of natural disasters (such as earthquakes), as we can objectively scientifically ascertain it worldwide, could be directly related to the way that our civilization exploits Earth in an exploitative way. Regardless of whether we extract ore from open-cast mines or extract oil from the seabed or fracking, we intervene in ever deeper layers of the earth. Without understanding the context, we do everything that is technically possible and promises profits. And the earth also strengthens their reactions; Everything gets more drastic and gets rocking. The fact that you cannot imagine this connection has nothing to do with whether it is objective and whether it can be scientifically proven. The primitive peoples may have no sat nav and no cell phone, but a sharper sense of direction. They looked back on long periods of cause-and-effect observation in dealing with nature.


These were long-term observations often over centuries that they have evaluated. For example, they talk to their volcano and love and appease him. It may seem childish to you, but what if your collective unconscious connects to the inner events of the mountain just in such a way that they can anticipate when it will break out, hours before, or specifically dream what they need to do, to save her village? Animals often sense the danger so early that they can get to safety. We probably just let that sense go to sleep. If you can even sense when danger threatens, you will be able to take precautions or flee in time. This is a good idea for the end of the world. Even if you think that is pure humbug or the outgrowth of religious delusion, I have personally experienced it several times before that a group meditating outdoors translates the dense cloud cover over itself into a large circular hole could open, and the clear starry sky became visible. We are so stubborn in our civilization that we do not even want to try it! We cannot imagine it, so we do not try it and do not have any experience with it. We prefer to think progressively, stay right and let our perception wither away.


The Native American trackers saw much more than the European immigrants, they could read tracks. These peoples had a long tradition of living directly with the elements of their environment. Can we even afford not to listen to them? Most people at the end of the world think of dangers that surprise us from the cosmos. It could fall from the sky meteors or our own space junk, doing an estimated fifty tons annually. Mostly these bombs burn up in the atmosphere before they hit the ground. We see them as falling stars. If these projectiles are big enough, then all life on earth can die out. Almost everything. And that has already happened, then quite different forms of life than our now known would crowd in the foreground. Surely it could also develop new intelligent life. Today our scientists assume that the dinosaurs died out about eighty million years ago by a cosmic catastrophe. A large meteorite hit Mexico today and hit the Gulf of Mexico with the destructive power of several atomic bombs on the coast. This impact had a deadly effect on its immediate surroundings. It also must be followed by a huge tidal wave and massive cloud of dust. It can be assumed, for example, like the outbreak of the super-volcano in Yellowstone Park in the USA. The outer mantle of the earth was certainly shaken violently, which led to volcanic eruptions worldwide. As a result, more toxic ash and gas clouds were thrown into the atmosphere, or lava flows and hot pyroclastic currents flowed over the land.


The dinosaurs in places other than Mexico did not die out immediately; only their relatives in the immediate danger zones met it immediately or they perished miserably at the late consequences. Maybe they were just incapacitated and weakened their immune system, which is enough in the long run to make a species extinct. The worst-case scenario of science goes even further. The sea and the rivers of the area probably cooked, which also killed many animals and plants. The atmosphere became very hot once. Those who could not crawl underground were burned or caught in poisonous vapors. Then the sun darkened with the rising cloud of dust and a dusk with temperatures near freezing plummeted over the earth for several years. The dying, the torturously long death and the long-term consequences as diseases and dying, hunger and thirst spread around the globe. The up to five-year global winter was the real shock.



It is believed that the big herbivores first disappeared, because the plant world immediately withered away without sunlight. How long will our houseplants last without sunlight, if we leave the shutters down? The draft horses froze fast or at least they became very slow. They could only move when the sun came through. Predatory warmbloods found equally good prey with so many weakened animals. That's how the Big Food started, because there are winners in every situation. Presumably, the healthy spring water was very short, because from above it was raining poison and ashes. The scavengers worked best for a while, at least when the animal carcasses were not poisoned. When the plants die, so does the oxygen content of the air rapidly! No life without oxygen. In addition, imagine poisoning and pestilence alone through all the carcasses lying around, species that could hibernate, that shut down their vital functions without them dying, and species that are already buried in caves and underground, or near freezing without plants, now had a great evolutionary advantage. They were best able to survive the years of constant stress with a chain reaction of problems, and then, when the earth calmed down again, seize the ecological niches that had been freed by the extinction of the dinosaurs.


The plant world changed too; The surviving plant species also quickly colonized their new open spaces as soon as the sun came through again. Slowly, a new, different balance of ecological, interdependence was created. We owe it to this catastrophe alone that the mammals flourish and thus our existence. Let's keep it clear: what appears retrospectively in the story as a punctual event dragged on in its global consequences for years and decades. If humans had already lived together with the dinosaurs, they could possibly have survived as a species in caves, but not without the danger of the situation, the hunger, the cold and the immune deficiency would have led to a strong decimation of the species. It is enough for the survival of a species that at least so many individuals survive, that the gene pool can renew itself and stabilize. In the meantime, biologists can estimate just how big a population must be in order not to risk extinction. How would this dinosaur catastrophe impact if it occurred to us today? A rat in Europe would just have to somehow survive the first three to five years, then it's just dark. As a rat, she lives mostly in the sewers of our cities anyway, so not much changes in her life. Well, she must be careful with the water that it is not poisoned.


A human, on the other hand, loses his entire infrastructure. Today our civilization is so intricately interwoven and comfortable, we can hardly imagine the individual effects. Well, our houses are nice caves, which even with air conditioning can hermetically shield you from the outside world if the atmosphere has been poisoned. But are our homes able to live near freezing for five years? With an artificial supply of oxygen? Perhaps the burden would only lead to the extinction of humans in the third or fourth generation. That was not so fast with the dinosaurs, as it sounds, It may even take centuries for the last dinosaurs to die from spontaneous mutations, sterility, poisons, dust, hunger, thirst and cold. For some time now, our sun has been heating up, affecting all its local environment. It's getting warmer on all the planets, not just on Earth. Did you know that? The sun emits different frequencies, and we notice that we need a higher sun protection factor. In my childhood and for a long time as adults, the sun was yellow in the sky. In children's drawings she was always shown in yellow. But she seems white today, more than knows anyway as yellow. What if the sun's radiation itself would change in its composition and intensity? Cannot it be that the radiation frequencies of the sun determine our climate more than what we believe? What if the sun itself is causing our current global warming? Maybe our star changes the climate on all planets, how else could the ice ages and warm periods be explained? In my apartment also determine the radiator, how warm it is. Or the sun itself shines through the window.


There are also completely different assumptions about our solar environment. Since astronomers have discovered that a solar system seldom comes alone, and that more often two or more suns form complex systems, and the orbits of their planets interact, there are also assumptions that our sun also has a twin, a second massive celestial body, Scientists call this a binary system. Of course, no one has ever seen this second sun, but it can still exist. If it is a brown dwarf that exists in our universe like sand on the sea, then the twin has a slightly smaller mass than our sun and therefore could not really get going, ignite and burn brightly. It would only then coagulate and emit only heat rays in infrared frequencies, and we cannot see them with our eyes. Or this twin of the sun has already died out, even then it could only be perceived in the infrared range, so to speak as a contrast to the much colder room. For people who deal with this theory, the dark twin of our sun is called 'nemesis' (= the Destroyer). Nemesis would have to appear red in the sky and would only be visible if it came close enough, otherwise the twin would remain invisible.


This celestial body should have several planets whose orbits are tilted to the orbits of our sun. Where this theory comes from, I could not find out. The binary system we would have to imagine as Saturn next to each other, whose rings are tilted against each other and sometimes touch and penetrate. Depending on the distance of these two solar systems from each other, their movements would have to influence and confuse at least the rings, while the two suns rotate around a common center of gravity. One of these planets, the outer and the largest, is called 'Nibiru' in this theory, and this is referred to on the clay tablets of ancient Sumerians. At least, Zacharias Sitchin has translated several clay tablets and written very interesting books about them. Nibiru is said to be so close to us five thousand years in orbit that he beats asteroids out of the local cloud, far beyond Pluto, and comets them to a new one Course sets. Depending on where then which planet is currently in its orbit, it can also lead to further disasters. So, supporters of this theory also assume that the planet Tiamat, which must have been originally located between Mars and Jupiter, collided with Nibiru or a moon of his.


Tiamat fell into two major parts and many small ones, creating the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. The larger part was knocked off the track and placed in an orbit further inside and took the smaller part with it. Thus, this theory introduces the formation of the Earth and the Moon. Instead of Nibiru, we also speak of the planet X and of course we are also expecting it again, the five thousand years are over again. The Maya said yes: There are gears of the time. But even without this theory we still have enough dangerous celestial bodies. The largest asteroid, called Aprophis, which rushes past our orbits on our orbit, has two kilometers in diameter, just like the Dino asteroid back then. It would have the effect of sixty-five Hiroshima bombs (said on state television) and is expected to be a safe flyby on Friday, April 13, 1929. The scientists are so sure that he will not open, just come over. Only seven years later, in 2036, could it get hot for us, as he flies past close.


Did the dinosaur meteorite cause a pole shift? Because for exactly the time of the next flyby Nostradamus has predicted the pole shift. At least in the source whose interpretation of his verses I trust most. Unfortunately, Nostradamus is so ambiguous, he had to write very cryptic because of the Inquisition at that time. In the spiritual circles is also much of the change in Schumann Frequency the speech. As far as I understand it is the natural vibration of the earth. And that has more than doubled in the last thirty years. That it seems to us as if the time went by faster, should be due to lead back, and that we see all but quite positive. We have learned at school that at the level of atoms and below, everything is just the movement of particles. They dance and swing as tiny particles in the almost empty room. Even the rock does it. At the atomic level, even the most massive mountain is made up of nothing and a few orbiting particles, as far apart as the planets and stars. By the way, our sages have always maintained that: As above, so below. The atomic and astronomical levels are alike. The atoms in turn are made of quarks, and they are even crazier: they jump into existence and out again, that's what creates this vibration. At the lowest level of matter known to us today, we swing in and out of existence. The ancient Indians said that when their god Shiva stops dancing, the world ceases to exist. That's what they meant by that! And vibrations are superimposed like waves in a pond. At the lowest level known to us, we are just vibration and the earth is.


Throw two stones at the same time in different directions into a pond and observe the waves: they overlap one speaks of interference. So, when the Schumann frequency doubles, it will of course affect our own circles. "Do not disturb my circles," said a philosopher in ancient Greece. So, what if the whole of the problems we are seeing around us are already clear signs that we are in the middle of a very slowly but inevitably evolving global Living the end of the world? With the term 'end of the world' we connect above all unavoidable natural catastrophes, whereby we humans become increasingly the all-decisive risk of our own downfall. An end of the world sounds so bombastic, it never captures all people, animals, plants, places and times alike. After a punctual cause such as an earthquake in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, it can trigger tsunamis on the Asian coasts hours later and at different times, just as a few years ago at Christmas, when a quarter of a million people lost their lives. The suffering went on for a long time. The threat, in which people suddenly found themselves, because their entire livelihood and infrastructure was destroyed, we can theoretically hardly imagine, and it is not unlike a human-caused warfare. Even wars often drag on for years and run as a wave of destruction over a country. The survivors are traumatized in both cases, they must deal with deaths, complications and accidents suffered and lose not only friends and relatives but their livelihoods.


Whole towns and villages are destroyed along with infrastructure. However, at the time of the Christmas tsunami, it was mainly the coasts that were affected, while the people in the interior and the relatives of the tourists at home were more concerned with helping and emotionally capturing. Also, on the human body, chemical, genetic and technical landslides have long been in motion, we feasted in pretty much everything that keeps our body upright and healthy, we do not even know if we want to develop in that direction. Most of us were and are not even asked if we want genetic intervention or technical spare parts. They are presented to us as a solution only when we are so ill that we reach for each straw. But these possibilities have been developed long before. And other, more humane opportunities with no big profits are simply lost to research and development. How can that be in a democracy that we do not have a say in it? Now, we are leaving our development solely to the profit motive of large multinational corporations and gambling addicts in the stock market.


Imagine that the dinosaurs had our science. How would they have interfered with their bodies and their development? We are masters in repressions. Only when it concerns our personal life, we notice that there is hardly any health around us, despite all the praised medical progress! If that's true, what we're told, would not we all have to be perfectly healthy now? Instead, when we feel bad, we are even told that it is our own fault and our irresponsible way of life. That's how we feel and make a great effort to change things: We buy ourselves free with an improved consumption of sustainable organic and fair-trade products, Schussler salts and important nutritional supplements - or finally book the yoga class. On the other hand, what we personally cannot change is a feeling of powerlessness: radiation exposure, global warming, air pollution, increasing electro smog, radioactive contamination and the lack of natural life force in food, drink and water.


These problems are global, and you can only slightly change that, you tell yourself. With a threshold from Brussels, the problem is recognized, but the cause has not disappeared by far. The media like to deal with causative factors if they want to mobilize and enlighten us. It can make us feel guilty, which affects our buying behavior and fitness behavior more. Because in addition to health and nutrition reports can be placed particularly many ads that finance the sheet. The industry of fitness and food supply and supplementation needs to be powered. And the other problems? There is nothing you can do. If you have fun with cigarettes, an affirmation is even prescribed by law (printed on the pack), because his smoking may well lead to his death. If our politicians have no basic psychological knowledge at all, we modern humans think we are so incredibly progressive and yet today we are sicker and more prone to failure, and more dependent overall of civilization than ever before. Occupational disability and early disability have increased alarmingly, as have the number of cancers, autoimmune diseases and musculoskeletal disorders. On the other hand, the medical equipment continues to expand, technically more and more feasible.


From artificial knee joints to pacemakers. And what's possible is also done. Take CRISP, for example. This is a virus that can now be deliberately used as a pair of scissors to cut out fragments of our DNA and put them together again. So far, CRISP has only been tested on experimental animals. Our geneticists now have it in their hands: they could support us in the mutation to Homo Creativus Pax. But more likely it is that they continue to upset the genes of the old Homo Sapiens to finally produce the best good subjects ever in the retort. It's just more profitable for maximizing profits. And what is profitable is done, right? With Crisp you can target all genetic information. In contrast, stem cell research takes early cells (stem cells that have not yet differentiated) and gives them growth orders. For example, a pig's ear could already be bred. Or take organ transplants, they help save lives. It is still controversial when a body is dead and which personality changes in the recipient can be expected by the organ donation. There are many indications that not only an organ is implanted in him, but also part of the personality of the deceased. For example, I do not want to take on a strange psyche, I have enough to do with myself. Human bodies must survive, whatever the cost. That is our social strategy. Behind this is the belief that there is only this one life and that we are just that body, and that our consciousness is only a function of our brain and completely extinguishes when the body dies. Maybe there will be a subsequent heaven for the faithful. Even though the population is slowly becoming a completely different image of men, this belief in perfidious finitude still dominates the thinking of decision-makers. When everything comes to an end with death, it is important to delay it if possible and extend the death drama as much as possible. That's just logical. And woe, a seriously ill person has no living will! Then he is artificially ventilated, fed, operated on and examined, until at some point a vital organ fails. On the other hand, we change the entry into human life: still younger embryos can be kept alive in incubators. These immature premature babies Nursing is provided with many complementary treatments and surgeries, far from the comfort of the mother, whereas in the past nature had to be given free reign, but only healthy, healthy infants could make ends meet.


What a start in life, when even in the crawling age, a heart surgery is necessary that you would not even expect an adult! For a single life and for the parents, of course, having this child is wonderful and I would not even exist if my grandmother had not survived at that time with half a pound without all the technical assistance. But that's exactly what she later realized: She was a strong and assertive woman. In a non-mature fetus, the likelihood of disability increases dramatically the more immature it was. Disability may be an important experience for a single soul and for the people around them. But for more and more people, genetic defects can be corrected directly with CRISP, that is the hope of medicine. The baby is then pricked (used to say pissing!) And if the genetics are 'wrong', it can be changed with crisp. A hope for so many parents with disabled children, you just must do something. Even more interventions in natural phases of life become a matter of course, so now our genome itself is already changeable. How far away are we from the genetic order and the child from the retort? "I would like to have blond and blue eyes!" We are no longer far from being able to buy this as naturally as the breast enlargement or wrinkle removal, we have been living with it for years.


Every mother wants to carry off her child herself and herself breastfeeding. Expectant mothers have long known the research of psychology, how important these very emotional experiences are in the mother's womb, during breastfeeding and during the first years of life, and how crucial they are in developing emotional and intellectual intelligence and individual resilience. And build family ties so we do not raise a whole generation of Kasper Hauser. If something does not go according to plan during pregnancy, the medical progress breaks through the mother, the parents, and to their desperation and their fear for the life of the premature baby then also separation and guilt feelings come. And above all, external determination through medical processes. If we keep the development going, the designer baby will not be long in coming. How far will the medicine go? How far will we let her go? Why not breed embryos in the test tube and save us the pregnancy completely and thus the emotional security in the womb? We feel that we are very close to the future world, as Aldous Huxley describes it in his science fiction novel 'The Beautiful New World': a sterile, alienated life without human warmth, dependent and more and more consumed by a cold technique. If this is not the end of the world, then at least the downfall of a powerful, healthy, resilient, soulful genus: The Homo Sapiens Sapiens.


Then there is the end of the world, is not it? And then the end of life: Often people in their last period of life still receive the right amount of radiation and highly harmful chemistry. Their side effect we sink then with their body in the soil, unless we decide for a cremation. As soon as we get sick, we encounter this diagnosis and get drugs for the symptoms, they are called otherwise: drugs. We must keep in mind that drugs are just drugs. Otherwise we should buy them freely in the trade. Above all, it is drugs that suppress pain, symptoms and consciousness and that keep people unconscious. Instead of proposing life changes to the patient and accompanying him to remedy the cause of the disease, the doctor often only has paid time for the prescription of chemistry. I do not know who decided at a desk that the short cut in doctors' time is the quickest and cheapest, he could not have been in my class. That's a milk girl's bill: Only the hard drugs are so expensive! A life change costs the health insurance nothing and home remedies also. The drugs that suppress only symptoms and fight against diseases are one thing.


On the other hand, drugs that enhance awareness and even promote awareness and concentration, and that could help people change their lives for the better, are banned even if they are not proven to be addictive. They are not wanted in their effect and are with the real schlumpy drugs. And the third drugs we buy voluntarily as a stimulant: coffee, tea, chocolate, alcohol, cigarettes and especially sugar. These are drugs that diminish and dampen our consciousness and make us more accessible to advertising and subtle manipulation. Drugs that push our consciousness away when we do not like the real world. This includes movies and computer games. And what they all do is separate them, they separate us from the others. We neglect the real encounters and discussions. They just pretend to be part of it. Or that we are fine. Just like Facebook just fool us friends. Significantly, many alternative healers insist that before a session or energetic treatment for a whole day, no coffee, no real tea, no chocolate and as little sugar as possible, of alcohol and cigarettes silence. Most also insist that the phone must be turned off. I wonder why? And is not it the case that you have to go sober to take blood? What do all three forms of drugs, the real drugs, the drugs and the stimulants have in common? They are expensive. You can make a lot of money with them, the more forbidden, the more.


Since you should be allowed to ask the question, if it is all about profit maximization in the economy, maybe there is only the profit interest behind it (because someone needs a lot of money?) And not our safety, if we are prohibited something. In fact, I'm simply sick of state patronage. I just do not believe (anymore) that politicians who pass the laws, decide more competent than myself. At least I am not always a representative of the business lobby on the mat, so I have the head free to decide me well. Could it be that so far, all forms of government have just continued to patronize the 'free' citizen with new means 'for our safety'? But the main attraction is the advertising messages on the cigarette packs. I just must talk to them again: they've been affirming for a long time, reminding you to hurt your health every time you reach for the box, and to die soon. And then you are to blame yourself. For all its naivety, I simply cannot believe that the politicians who have decided this have no idea how affirmations work. It has been a strong move to promote this commitment as a protection of minors. For even minors read the alleged information, which contains a very effective subconscious command to be kind enough to get sick. As if teens were ever trying to avoid a ban or such slogans, and at every checkout every person passes this mass suggestion half consciously. And unconsciously connects them with everything that he himself has read, heard and seen about this and other harmful stimulants.


He knows that he himself is not completely free from addiction. In this society nobody can live free of addiction! To get out of all addictions at the same time, you must get out of the company altogether. Did you already notice that? Alone the cigarette dispenser at the cash register becomes a single unconscious affirmation for everyone: Finally, get sick and die, please pity yourself. And of course, you are to blame yourself, if you get sick, terribly ill. And maybe then thinks a person who could not stop reading it casually, no, that's nonsense. Or: it affects the others. But he has again activated and strengthened the pathogenic factor for himself and for collective humanity. The subconscious mind understands no. The collective consciousness collects everything only indiscriminately - effectively collectively for all of us. Also, our farewell from life is stretched: another surgery, another chemo, another treatment, every day counts. It is rarely about a soulful, meaningful farewell in the circle of friends and family and in the familiar environment that provides security. When you ask the people themselves, it is most important to them where, with whom and with whom they spend their last days.


They do not want to be alone and subjected to a technique and constraints that they can no longer co-determine. You do not want to be tormented. If we knew with absolute certainty that our consciousness exists eternally, even without this body, dying would be as natural as being born, and we could not be so frightened by the concept that death is all about. Perhaps you trust still on the official medicine and consider it for no alternative. You can tell them by the health insurance company


n is paid. Then you probably never realized how hard it was for doctors, healers, healers, herbalists and medicine men worldwide if they had found an effective alternative therapy that was usually very simple and much cheaper or even free. It is honorable that Forster Gamble (http://thrivemovement.com), an heir to detergent giant Procter and Gamble, has spent his money, resources, and manpower to bring all these alternative therapies together with his wife, all Numbers, methods and names of cures that were pursued and suppressed. It is unbelievable how hard these pioneers were doing their work and how early they usually died under strange circumstances.


At the same time, our health insurance companies complain about their cost explosion. Because we cannot afford to co-pay for old people's homes, female cheap workers from poorer European countries are recruited as partners and housekeepers for our old people. Where people used to take care of all nursing homes (even if they were not defined at that time), our old people's homes have developed into mere infirmary homes, where it is difficult for inmates and visitors alike a positive stabilization and recovery to believe. But there are also health insurance and no health insurance. Otherwise, they would directly invest money into research into cheap alternatives and not rely on the research of profit-driven pharmaceutical giants. Should not our health insurances collect, investigate and collect these cases and not the Forster Gamble? We have so many things just wrongly organized, here's an example: Would five thousand people decentralized together with a contribution in the amount of the current health insurance contribution keep their own medical center and finance whose only job it would be to keep those five thousand people - and only them - healthy, how different our experience would be? If all five thousand are healthy, the medical team would only have one emergency service for accidents throughout the year and nice office hours with satisfied customers just dropping in for a chat.


And would otherwise dedicate itself to prevention and education. What do you think, how fast we would all be healthy! After all, the responsible doctors, in consultation with their five thousand customers, would also be free to decide who they would like to join the team to achieve as many medical successes as possible. You would be qualified, what else have you studied for so long and thoroughly? It's about practical success, period. That's what I call common sense. Why does this huge state apparatus with its officials and political bodies have to decide what is good for us? By whom do they lead their decisions, who provides them with ample information material? For every pharmaceutical company, it is a must to turn off good influencers for politicians. Your lobby must ensure that its profit plans have more impact on our healthcare system than the needs of us all. Is it also different? Do you notice: we do not ask ourselves that anymore. We can only imagine health care with a health card and externally determined. Can we imagine that all people are completely healthy? For me, that would be an aspect of heaven on earth that I would like to create with you.


There are many other factors that physically alter, endanger, and burden us. We have less and less contact with the invigorating and invigorating nature. We eat domesticated animals, and fruits, vegetables and crops are overbred and need intervention such as fertilizers, pesticides or medicines to ripen. And we ourselves have long been domesticated and over-bred and as far away from a healthy powerful wild body as a poodle is away from a free-living wolf. With every illness, we enter chemically into the physical processes without any inhibitions, using chemicals that have long since been artificially modeled on the natural drugs of the real world only in the laboratory or that have been completely redeveloped anyway. There are cheap, artisanal hams and cheeses, and artificial flavorings and coloring have been added to most preserved products. Gardening, animal husbandry and self-sufficient self-sufficiency with all that is needed to live on has largely disappeared among the population. No interest, no knowledge, no experience. You rely on the app, it will be fine, should the situation get worse. And yes, the problems drag on for years now. We got so used to the next horror news that we just do it


shrug it off. Or we protest vociferously or clench our fists in our pockets. What can we do? Where can we start? As it seems, our doomsday is stretched and stretched like a rubber band. At the same time, the bow is spanned more and more. That gives us at least leeway and hope to handle it better. And what breaks down, repair immediately and save us again.


It seldom happens to us personally: as a diagnosis with a deadly perspective or as a flood that damages our home so that we are economically and financially exhausted. Or a storm breaks up our belongings. We in Germany have seen these pictures more in the news from other continents, but unfortunately, they are more and more often with us. But the real big catastrophes still seem far away. And we cautiously ignore the creeping ones. This is one of the reasons why we can continue to live in good spirits as before. In our society the opinion prevails that our body experiences its peak in health in its mid-thirties. From then on, it's just downhill with him. More and more discomfort and chronic diseases, worse and worse, until our body is in a persistent, long infirmity. Well, you could tell me, look around, that's very often! You can observe this course of life everywhere. Yes, that may be, there have never been so many seriously ill people as today. But if you were to visit a folk of nature, could you see so many cancers, heart attacks, strokes, autoimmune diseases, allergies, and musculoskeletal degenerative problems among them? These people know that they need to stay healthy for their own survival. They maintain the belief that they stay healthy. And once there is time for them, they die.


Our modern notion of a lousy body is based on a belief that we have never checked: that our body decays entropically, that it gradually falls into a ruin like an uninhabited house goes over or how a rusting car is always more susceptible to repair. As if he were a sandcastle, which is destroyed by wind and waves. We believe that because we see it so often in our environment. We only see it that often because these people believe it. And because we civilize ourselves and treat us wrongly. And no longer rely on the self-healing powers for our body and for our civilization. One thing does not work without the other. I see it differently: our consciousness keeps our body upright, our higher consciousness, also called the Higher Self. When a body becomes denuded or clearly disintegrates, consciousness has already halfway left it, it is hanging around somewhere unconsciously. However, it still seeks its way to this personality to be heard and still to heal the body. Or something else to do. The vernacular knows this, they say "he is not quite with him" or "he is just next to him". Our ancestors meant or saw it that way. Because this is exactly how medial people describe where they see the consciousness of this person: outside, next to, behind or above.


The more a person lives unconsciously and externally controlled, the less awareness he uses to keep his body healthy. And nobody is an island, we all live with the harmful conditions of our civilization and can only slightly escape it. We are poisoned, irradiated and grilled by all kinds of microwaves. That must change, that's our downfall. If we let ourselves be separated from nature, that only works if we separate ourselves from our bodies at the same time, one cannot do without the other. And that's the end of it. I am glad that I developed a life-threatening allergy at the age of thirty, and she put me on a good new path early on. The desensitization suggested by my doctor I did not do in those days, because I wanted to stay sensitive, that seemed like a good thing to me. Imagine that you are the only rat on a rubbish dump who still realizes that the garbage just stinks into the sky and it is dangerous to live in it! Her sensitivity could not only save her life, but also everyone else. Does not it make much sense for the whole rat population to even be warned by the most sensitive rat and to save themselves together? Instead, our medical approach allows everyone to continue as symptom-free as possible and dampens his early-warning system of high sensitivity to a working minimum. We adapt the people to the garbage heap, the environmental, living and working conditions. Oh well, then we just cannot get healthy rats.



We are in the middle of the end of the world, but it is happening so slowly that it usually stays below the threshold of our conscious awareness. Like a low flyer below the radar, many factors attack us simultaneously and threaten our lives, the cybernetic balances of nature and the planet itself. These disturbances are increasingly caused by our civilization. Is there really anybody left somewhere who believes that the exploitation of all the resources of our planet, the prosperity of others at the expense of others, pollution, radioactive contamination and radiation and all the other by-products of our civilization, have no impact on our health, nature and society the whole earth stay? Or are we just repressing what we believe we cannot change, neither diseases nor wars just break out. Everything is available long before, either in planning, as preparation for war and saber-rattling or as a tilted biological milieu in our environment or in our body. Those who do not listen to their psyche or soul and resolve the internal conflict and heal the trauma at the same time, cause mental and psychological problems to sink into his body, where they manifest materially and cause disturbances, limitations and illnesses. We owe the authors of Dahlke and Detlefsen the explanation about the connection of illnesses and certain life topics (conflicts).


Everyone can find a connection between their physical symptoms and their emotional theme, at least those who seek and pay attention to it. And in this way, talk to her body in conversation. Often, we also use medication to suppress unpleasant symptom rather than cure. Thus, the topic is neither recognized nor solved as mental conflict. So, what will the soul have to do to be heard? Create the next physical problem! To scream even louder. In addition, all medications have side effects that permanently harm. Our bodies are poisoned to an unprecedented extent, irradiated or disturbed with frequencies. So much radiation may have never been experienced by human bodies! On the world stage, it's the same, everything has been going on for a long time. Wars and refugee flows are only seemingly inevitable, they are planned by long hand. An American general, when he retired many years later, went public with a supervisor showing him shortly after Nine-Eleven a list of seven countries with which the US now wished to wage war. Although it was not clear from his point of view what had really happened on September 11th and who was to blame for it, this planning was already certain. Wars serve to destroy orders and change systems, to redistribute money and property to war profiteers and new ones to give rulers a stage. So far that was the case. For all warring parties, a scenario takes its course, which means the end of the world on a personal, economic and emotional level. Even warring countries, which do not lead war in their own country, cannot completely avoid a concern of the population. For example, the Vietnam War in the United States led to a very strong politicization and protest culture of the younger generations worldwide, from which many alternative movements such as the peace movement emerged. The German youth also protested the Vietnam War.


In retrospect, it seems to me like a mockery of how the German government officials justified this war: the freedom of Berlin would be defended in Vietnam. And today? Healthy men and women in the Bundeswehr, who are in the prime of their lives, become cannon fodder because we have recently to defend Germany in the Hindu Kush and in Mali. Our ancestors promised after World War II that they would never go to war again! Well, you just do not call it that anymore: Now it's called 'armed peacekeeping'. First only with UN mandate, but now also quite uninhibited without a mandate. The language is used as a political tool to obscure our view. This must stop! We have no business in a foreign country! And even more so should not take sides in a dispute and hyping one side of the conflict to the good and support and upgrade. We should support all warring parties only in their peace process, otherwise provide humanitarian aid and keep us out. I also suspect that this is not about peace, but about the various self-interests of the countries and the powerful, demonstrations of power, oil pipelines and gas pipelines and other resources. Or because we owe our big brother a favor and the little one in the Middle East, we are obviously still standing eternally in their debt.


Perhaps the Germans and Europeans have so much debt only because they have not clarified the question of guilt of the past? Because collective mental conflicts also have a big impact on our actions and experiences. Is guilt moreover hereditary? Can guilt be collective at all? And if so, is it hereditary in the race or religion? If so, do not we think that's even particularly racist when we feel guilty about the slaughter of a Hitler - because we're Germans? Perhaps we will be subtly manipulated with the question of guilt in the past and what we should learn from it? More than half a century after the Holocaust, I finally wish for debt and debt freedom at all levels, for all people. A reset for all humankind, a new beginning, no past, no reticence. That would be the most important thing that comes to my mind to secure peace worldwide. The inheritance debt prevents peace. And after that, everybody longs for it. The other conflicts are enough for an end to the world, we should rather stick together, instead of posing as the thought police of the other and verbally attack us. And to get to know each other better, to help and network each other, so that we can survive a crisis for sure. The coping with the past is of course important, and the healing of the trauma suffered as well, please understand me correctly. The claim that this trauma is not curable, but I think wrong.


I have experienced in my own life that everything is curable. Even my sexual abuse. Indirectly, the basic assumption of the incurability of trauma aims at inheritance. The Bible mentions that it may extend to the seventh member. Good, I'm the first post-war generation. So, do I ... pass on my children and grandchildren and four more generations? I don’t want that. I want my descendants to live and thrive freely. Well, in the Bible, all the women of today are still guilty, they have inherited the sin of Eve! In my other book, 'Give me the apple, Eve!' On the contrary, I have already stated that this apparent sin was even a stroke of luck. To cope with our past, I recommend a visit to the Jewish Museum in Berlin obligatory for every school class and even a school trip to Berlin. The Jewish Museum is impressive and instructive. For example, I've come to realize that so many intellectuals, thought leaders, and artists were just two things, born into Jewish families and growing up German in the German language and habitat. Whether they were later firmly anchored in their own religion or freed themselves from it, played less of a role, even as Christian-born Germans increasingly stepped out of the church. In the melting pot of the German language and in the divided German habitat, it came in the longer Past always very fruitful synergies of all religions and to very reasonable, atheistic currents, not only to the said brown broth. We have learned painfully that religion should better remain a private matter and that a policy for all can only succeed in secularization. We should concentrate on that.


The VIPs featured in the Jewish Museum were often rather moderate to abstemious in their religious practice or even atheists. Famous Jews often came from Germany. In fact, in the Middle Ages, the entire culture of European Jews in the German cities along the Rhine was renewed and strengthened. The Torah was also preserved in writing. There were also many Jews who were baptized (of course, to avoid the constant pressure and danger of persecution, no question). So, they disappeared from the registry as Jews, they even adopted other names - and were Christian Germans (an alternative to it was not yet). Meanwhile, every native German in his distant ancestral gallery should also encounter Jewish fellow citizens. Let's not pretend that there was only this parallel culture of the Jewish quarter! When Hitler came to power, it was not so easy not to find a Jew in the ancestor’s line. With this threat, the entire population was pressured and split, not just those who were affected. Up to the grandparents including only German, you had to prove! A single grandparent Jewish and waved the Star of David, whether you were an atheist or visited the church or the synagogue. Separating and ruling are the two sides of the same medal of a dictatorship. But all people are kept in fear and terror. We should no longer be split or stuck in drawers. We should focus more on the creative interaction and the cross-fertilization of cultures in the German-speaking world, the mixture seems to produce creativity and greatness. And we'll still need them.


Imagine a neighbor boy has knocked another one off. That should still exist. Now this guilt remains. No matter how nice he is and what he has done to make amends, and no matter how treacherous he may have been lured into this incident, he remains a thug forever. He is and remains a guilty outsider. If something happens in his environment, he is suspected. When he says something that does not suit the others, he is immediately silenced with his guilt. We would all rightfully be outraged! That is no longer our social consensus: to discriminate against people! Even if a healthy mistrust of course never hurts. People can change and should get a chance, and then it must be good with the past. This is also part of our human dignity. It is inhumane to keep others in a culpable state. Nevertheless, at the international level, our allies quickly sway the Nazi policy against our country and our politicians when Germany falls into disfavor in international public opinion. Debt and debt are central to the creation of international conflicts. We need to understand it to change that. The question of guilt is also a psychological connection to debt, private and collective.


This is not just a linguistic connection. If you look closely, debt is a means of disciplining, and debts on the international stage, too. Even small children know this feeling of guilt, why can we catch ourselves as adults with it? As a teenager, for example, you make your mom feel guilty, because she forgot to pick you up after training. Now you tell her how difficult and dangerous and tedious your way home was - and Mama bakes you a cake. Or you can watch TV longer. Is Mama a Nazi, if she apologizes to you duly and she is sorry, but then she is neither contrite nor bakes a cake? Or is she just giving her scion a lesson that she cannot be manipulated that way? And then she takes good care that it does not happen again. And if the scion then starts this story repeatedly, do you think the mother will take better care that it does not happen to her anymore? Or should they rather build trust in their relationship, move to a whole new agenda, and better shape their future together? Our situation today is far more dangerous than it was in the 1930s. It is essential for us to understand things as thoroughly as possible, so that we can take a different direction. Unfortunately, a global world dictatorship is feasible for the first time in history and within reach.


A dictatorship of global proportions would also count myself among the possible worlds, it would be the downfall of free humanity. The plans have long been in the drawer, there she has probably found one or the other, because they were almost all filmed already. Or where else would all these film ideas come from? The Democrats back in the Weimar Republic (right before Hitler's seizure of power), of course, felt the uneasiness and feared for the future. They certainly watched with some concern the strengthening of the radical forces on the right and left margins of society, but they were unable to change anything. The plight of the people in the world economic crisis spread a doomsday mood. The politicians simply could not prevent the galloping inflation with its insane price increases and the super high unemployment and the many company failures! As a war loser of the first world war Germany was in the guilt of the winners. It was above all these debts that the country and the population had to pay as reparations to the victors, which created an incapacity for action of the democratic politicians. Of course, similarities to today are purely coincidental. And this time around we were the same who did it the other way around: our policy of recent years, in league with the bureaucracy in Brussels, has given the Irish and Greeks a similar situation. Who does not master his past, loses himself in endless repetitions with ever new roles. Here the victim became the perpetrator. It is always the same game until we have fully understood it, felt it, and consciously integrated it into the spiritual depth. Only then can we have a new play.


At any rate, I'm determined that the old game will end. Hitler promised at the time that he would simply not pay these reparations. Point. And instead create jobs and ensure a secure economy. Most of the time it did not matter to him that he created the jobs mainly in the armories and in road construction, the main thing being a reliable order, no hunger, no need. And as soon as Hitler was elected, he abolished democracy. That was a coup! He also immediately took on all political opponents, so they did not even come up with the idea to look up. Our democracy ended overnight. It only took until this finding arrived with the last Germans. Hitler was and is not the only person in history to do this, so you just must look around. Hitler believed - and many still believe it today - in an international Jewish-Zionist conspiracy because he had discovered that the big banks, which drove the German debt, especially in the hands of Jewish family dynasties were. And for that he made all Jews responsible in his confused head, most of us living here rather middle-class or even very poor. But that was still too much wealth for him. So, he took everything from the Jewish part of the population, their wealth, their wealth, their livelihood, and finally their lives. With the property of the persecuted, he financed his organizations and rewarded his faithful followers. Otherwise, Hitler's persecution of the Jews had no effect on precisely these rich Jewish family dynasties, on the Jewish bankers, for they all lived out of the country. And it was the international bankers who profited from the wars.


Hitler was concerned only with the division of society into camps, which he could set against each other to better control them. The persecution of the Jews, if one takes it exactly, was also a form of terror for the entire population. Because at least I'm sure if I go back far enough, Jewish roots will also be found in my family tree. Just as every German is probably somehow related to Charlemagne, and every Frenchman too. Hitler could have come up with the idea at any time to demand another one or two more thoroughbred ancestral generations backwards, so he kept everyone in check. World War II made bankers and certain companies even richer than the first one. That is not different today. The banks are owned by the shareholders, so if you buy a share, you too. But most of the stock is still owned by the same families. Every war makes people richer, every reconstruction and every preparation for war. We should outlaw all three phases of exploitation and enrichment (war preparation, war itself and debt reconstruction) and prefer to rely on disarming, peaceful technologies that protect us without harming others. There is no peace through deterrence.


Only truces with the guarantee that the next conflict will come. Why do I recall this scenario so clearly? Well, a third world war would be our downfall! As soon as one side detonates the atom bomb, a chain reaction of mutual bombardment with these missiles could create an inferno that would make the Earth uninhabitable for thousands of years. This danger has existed since Hiroshima and international mutual provocations do not cease. Politicians secure their power through continued struggle, through wars and through the secession and persecution of certain sections of the population, to keep everyone in fear, the well-defined and the good evil. And if there are no countries left to fight for, then you will wage war on terror. Read Orwell and you know what I mean. A war on terror has the advantage that it never ends. He is neither winning nor losing. But all people are psychologically terrorized with it, without exception, all could be the victim of an attack. Small event, big effect. This incidentally is a very practical and quite cynical war, because he keeps on creating new comrades, he is never over. Orwell foresaw this form of war in his 1984 book. Is not that bold that our powerful people even uses the same terms as this book? For Orwell, the war on terror is there to prove to subjects that they need security and surveillance because dangerous elements are out there sneaking around with evil in mind. The state gives security to its citizens and fights evil and thus any opposition. 


End of the reading probe