My newest book - still in revision

Empowering you - Bluestar revealed  -  Julianne Becker

A guide to happily surf the incoming waves on the ocean of life to a new Era.

I did a rough translation myself with the help of my own poor English knowledge, google translater and Word. I am pretty aware, that there cannot be any elegance in it and might lead to a different meaning than intended.

Also some more humorous details and that I don't take myself too serious might have been lost. If you like you are invited to go through the free downloads and  suggest changes in public in the comment area. Thank you.



About my new book:


A Safe and Happy Passage through Doomsday

(literally translated)


Many humans who now live on Earth were born into the end of the world to create heaven on earth. Maybe you too. In this book, the Bluestar Prophecy is being redrawn in a whole new way and given practical guidance for safe passage through the end of the world to simultaneously create heaven on earth. We can do it. - We create it!

The End of the World? - We are in the midst of it!


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Fröhlich durch den Weltuntergang

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Content - Summary

In the Hopi tradition, there are ancient prophecies of what signs they will recognize that the end of the world is imminent, because the Hopi have already experienced three world shifts and are deeply - like the author herself - convinced to be in the middle of the fourth. All signs have already been fulfilled except one: The Bluestar Prophecy.

It roughly says "... when the Bluestar Kachina takes off his mask in public, instead of dancing in the subterranean, sanctified Kivas just before initiates, the end of this world is imminent."

And since in this holographic reality everything is 'as above' below, the Hopi expect Bluestar to show up in the sky as a blue star, followed closely by a red star, which they also call the Cleaner or Destroyer. After the appearance of Bluestar, the Hopi ceremonies and all other religious rites around the world would end, says the prophecy.

What does Bluestar have to do with the end of the world?

Well, this is my coming out.
Because I AM Bluestar, come to announce the end of the world.

With this book, the author removes in public her mask, which she hid and hid during her entire recovery process, to her and ours all safety. And to anchor the energy here on earth, that our course as humanity takes a good direction. Not only does this book unravel the Bluestar Prophecy, it goes far beyond it: it guides you to a safe transition to the next world. And at the same time, together we create heaven on earth, no more and no less, very light and from the sofa.